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My Odyssey
3 min readMay 12, 2021


Did you know that 80% of travelers spend up to four weeks on Tripadvisor researching a trip? What should be a fun experience in dreaming up your next great adventure, is instead a never-ending struggle to piece together information and travel offers that are scattered across many sites.

My Odyssey not only makes it more convenient for travelers to plan and book their trips but brings FUN back to trip planning. To understand how we accomplish this, let’s examine the myriad of reasons why the status quo of traditional trip planning is broken.

The two most popular mediums used to plan and book trips are booking platforms (or online travel agencies — OTA’s) and traditional travel agencies…

Booking Platforms (OTA’s)

OTA’s include sites like Booking.com, Kayak, and Expedia

  • Little or No Trip Planning: Don’t expect to plan your trip on these sites — there is only booking capability. It’s also difficult to follow your budget, especially if you book accommodation and experiences on different sites
  • Mass-Produced Search Results: The travel offers you search for are never tailored to your interests — they are the same for everyone
  • Information Overload: It takes four weeks to research a trip because of the overwhelming amount of information that is scattered across the internet. Nothing is centralized on one part of one site but is distributed across dozens of sites

Traditional Travel Agencies

  • Costly: Some travel agents charge a fee for service that can be anywhere from $100 to over $500. Plus, any element of customization will cost you extra money
  • Many Interactions: You may need to interact directly with the travel agent (often in person) several times until you are satisfied with your planned trip and costs
  • Few Choices: The travel agent may not know your destination and simply offer you standardized itineraries
  • No Fun: It feels like less of an adventure if everything is planned and booked for you by someone else
  • Bad Match and Untrustworthy: How do you know if a travel agent you just met is a good fit for you and can design a trip that you would love? And travel agencies often cannot be trusted, particularly inbound travel agencies at your destination

Enter My Odyssey

We disrupt traditional trip planning because…

We are free

No travel agent fees. Plan your trip at no cost and pay the same price for experiences, accommodation, and other travel offers as you would on booking platforms.

We are convenient and customizable

By allowing anyone to be a trip designer, we enable locals, travel agents, bloggers, and fellow travel enthusiasts to design trips ingrained with their personalities and travel experiences. Easily find these trips and use them directly to plan and book your trip, or mix and match across different trips to create your own. You do not need to search dozens of sites for weeks on end — everything is gathered in one area on our site.

We are fun

Drag and drop your favorite parts of different trips to create your own trip. It’s fun and very easy to do.

We make it collaborative

You can easily share your trips with people that will travel with you, with friends and family to let them know where you’re traveling, or with anyone who might want to go on a trip like yours in the future.

We reward the right people (unlike Tripadvisor and other review platforms)

We give commissions to the trip designers who designed the trips that you booked from. And we are able to do it at no cost to you!

Plan and book your next trip on My Odyssey!