What My Odyssey Does for Bloggers…

The future of trip designing

My Odyssey
2 min readApr 30, 2021

Have you ever thought about living your passion for travel? Maybe you already are a blogger or an influencer trying to earn some extra money. If so, then you must be scratching your head trying to figure out how to make it happen. Surely you have been thinking about affiliate marketing, but how can you take advantage of it given that affiliate marketing sites ask you to do so much?

First, you need to get access to affiliate programs from big brands, which is often hard to do. Then, you must enter a fierce battle with millions of travel bloggers. Ultimately, only 5% of travel blogs earn any income. We think that number should be much higher — the system is not fair. SEO is king and the quality of your content is not taken into account. Quite simply, the cards are stacked against you.

My Odyssey solves this issue, making it possible for everyone to earn money designing trips for travelers. We apply value to quality content while ensuring absolute simplicity.

We have developed a brand new technology, whereby one click on My Odyssey is the equivalent of building your site, attracting an audience, establishing partnerships with leading travel sites, gaining access to and integrating their API, and handling payments from bookings. And did we mention — it’s free to use!

Our goal at My Odyssey is to inject FUN back into travel blogging, by replacing endless effort (and money wasted for many of you) with convenience and simplicity. Join our community and start designing your dream trips today!