Newsletter 1

Welcome to our first ever Newsletter! The goal with this is to keep you up to date with everything we’re doing and every update that we’ve launched.

For this first edition we have some big news for you, so buckle up, we’re going on a trip!

Here is what’s new this month 🧐:

  • Trip building: the update is here
  • The blog: a new article on how to earn money with My Odyssey

Our Competition: $300 first prize! 🏆

The trip building: updated and more intuitive

  • Easily switch between your view of the trip as you design it and what the traveler will see
  • A chance to add your own pictures

❗️ Previously designed trips need to be updated by repasting the links of the offers. This is to make sure the trip will work well with our new version. ❗️

On the blog: the road to passive income in the travel sector



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