How to make money on My Odyssey

The road to passive income in the travel sector

My Odyssey
3 min readApr 16, 2021

My Odyssey helps you earn money from trips you design for travelers. When you design a trip, we make it easy to include travel offers, such as a wine tour or scuba diving experience from Viator, a hotel from or hostel from Hostelworld, and a restaurant reservation on OpenTable.

At My Odyssey, we have two core beliefs: First, anyone can be a travel agent and recommend trips to others. Second, people should be remunerated for their travel recommendations. This is what sets My Odyssey apart from sites like TripAdvisor. On My Odyssey, people can earn money from their advice and recommendations.

We also want to reduce the time it takes for travelers to plan their trips — typically more than 30 hours searching through dozens of sites. Travelers can now do all of their searching on My Odyssey alone, and we make it fun to do. With this goal in mind, travelers can book from pre-designed trips, or can create a personalized trip by picking and choosing their favorite travel offers from different trips. My Odyssey brings great travel advice and innovative travel planning to an industry that has become dominated by information overload, advertisements, and pretty pictures that offer little substance.

My Odyssey makes it so simple for people to organize travel offers into a beautiful itinerary in minutes. Trip designers can earn up to an 8% commission every time a traveler books one of the travel offers in their trip.

There are 4 primary financial incentives for designing trips on My Odyssey:

1. You can design and share trips with your audience. This might be an audience from your social media or a blog, or might just be friends and family. Because the trip is coming from you, they will be inclined to book your travel offers for their next vacation.

2. Trips are displayed in the My Odyssey marketplace. This means that any traveler searching our site, will find the trips that people designed, and will then plan and book their trips using those. This will result in commissions and passive income for the trip designer in perpetuity.

3. Our innovative trip planning tool allows travelers to plan trips by selecting and organizing travel offers from various itineraries. Whenever the traveler decides to book those travel offers, the trip designer will receive a commission. Additionally, if travelers share their planned trip with friends and family, the trip designer will earn a commission each time someone books it.

4. Trip designers can earn commissions even if someone doesn’t book the exact offer they’ve shared! For example, if a traveler is brought to one of our partners’ sites after clicking on a travel offer in a trip, but then chooses to book a different offer on that same site, the trip designer will still earn a commission!

Furthermore, depending on the cookie lifetime of the partner (up to 30 days for some partners), trip designers will earn a commission when the traveler books any travel offer on that same partner site days or weeks after originally clicking on an offer from an itinerary!

Now let’s be more concrete with an example…

Imagine you create a single trip and want to monetize it by including 10 travel offers. Each travel offer costs $100 making the total cost of the trip $1,000. Taking a conservative commission of 5%, and assuming only one offer from this single trip is booked each month, you will earn $5 per month or $60 per year. If the entire trip (every offer) is booked from this single trip each month, you will earn $50 per month or $600 per year. And remember this is from a single trip — the more trips you design, the greater the revenue potential!